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Individuals and Families

Our investment philosophy is firmly grounded in the tenets of asset allocation, but features unique tactics that reflect potential market movement or changes in your personal situation. This ensures that your investment strategy is aligned with your circumstances, and better positions you to take advantage of market opportunities or reduce market risk. Whether your objectives are singularly-focused or broader in nature, NexTier offers access to a selection of personal wealth management services designed to help you successfully manage your wealth. Backed by an impressive, multi-disciplinary team of credentialed professionals, you’ll achieve a sense of clarity and confidence only an experienced, steady hand can provide.

Investment Management

Investment management is central to most wealth plans. NexTier’s approach combines a thorough knowledge of our clients’ situation with a dynamic and interactive portfolio management process.

Asset Allocation - Your portfolio manager will recommend a customized asset allocation strategy based on your goals and personal situation. We manage your assets accordingly, with an eye toward enhancing returns or reducing risk through tactical adjustments.

Portfolio Analysis and Design - Working with existing investments or starting anew, our portfolio management team will construct a well-diversified portfolio consistent with your risk profile. We’ll be mindful of the intricacies of your estate plans while appropriately aligning your assets in the most tax-advantageous vehicles.

Tax-Efficient Strategies - Your portfolio manager will discuss a variety of potential methods of enhancing after-tax returns. He may suggest the use of tax-efficient investments, tax-advantaged accounts (e.g. IRA’s) and tax-loss harvesting, working collaboratively with your tax advisor, if needed.

Investment Selection - NexTier’s exclusive and highly objective investment selection process seeks to find the best investments and managers across the globe. Both qualitative and quantitative factors are considered.

Investment Classes - As an independent financial advisor, NexTier is not bound by proprietary investment products, enabling your portfolio manager to freely utilize a variety of investment vehicles. These may include individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, separately managed accounts, international investments, and alternative investments. Your personal tax situation and preferences play an important role in investment selection.


Our retirement services are designed to help you make sound decisions about your future, before and after retirement. NexTier has the qualifications and integrity to structure and manage retirement assets in a way that minimizes potential income and estate taxes.

Retirement Planning - NexTier will help you determine when you’re financially able to retire in your future. For retirees, we will evaluate ways to maximize income during your retirement years.

Retirement Accounts - A wide variety of retirement accounts are available including IRA’s and Rollover IRA’s. 

Investment Options - Our portfolio managers, working closely with you to establish an investment strategy. They’ll recommend suitable investments given your risk profile and tax situation, and monitor performance to ensure it continues to meet your needs.

Account Management - Our retirement specialists help you navigate these changes and understand how your retirement portfolios work with your other retirement benefits.

Business Retirement Plans - If you are a business owner or responsible for your employer’s retirement plan, NexTier offers a powerful lineup of retirement strategies and services. We combine our investment expertise with the product platforms of some of the nation’s finest plan sponsors.