NexTier Wealth Management manages the assets of corporations, pension and profit sharing plans, foundations, charities and local governments. NexTier’s portfolio management team is well resourced, experienced and adept at working with institutions to customize an investment strategy consistent with the unique objectives and preferences of our clients. Managing the financial assets of your organization can be a daunting task. Goals often remain the same, but markets and tactics change. That’s why it’s important to rely on an effective, steady and proactive asset management firm like NexTier Wealth Management. We’re a team of professionals committed to helping you make sound decisions for your organization.


Investment Management

At NexTier Wealth Management, we know that crafting and implementing portfolio strategies is as much art as science. Our portfolio management process combines client knowledge, portfolio theory, and our best thinking based on decades of experience and insight. The result is a custom portfolio designed to perform.

Asset Allocation - Given the leading role that asset allocation plays in determining investment returns, we concentrate on advising you in the asset allocation decision and selecting specific investments. 

Portfolio Analysis and Design - Your portfolio manager will work with you to identify specific requirements of the portfolio, including asset class or geographical boundaries, and risk and time parameters. Investment performance and compliance with these requirements will be reported regularly and reviewed with you at your convenience.

Investment Classes - As an independent financial advisor, NexTier is not bound by proprietary investment products, enabling your portfolio manager to freely utilize a variety of investment vehicles. These may include individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, separately managed accounts, international investments, and alternative investments.

Investment Selection - NexTier’s exclusive and highly objective investment selection process seeks to find the best investments and managers across the globe. We consider both qualitative and quantitative factors.


If you are a business owner or responsible for an employer-sponsored retirement plan, NexTier offers a powerful lineup of retirement solutions and services. We’ll help you establish or improve your retirement plan through professional advice and responsive service.

Retirement Plan Options - Determining the ideal retirement plan for your organization takes a good deal of knowledge, experience and understanding of your objectives. We’ll help you sort through your choices and give you the latest information on taxes and other rules that may influence your decision. Even if you have an established plan, our retirement professionals welcome the opportunity to provide a second opinion on your plan’s cost and performance.

Investment Options - Our portfolio management team works closely with you to identify and monitor investment choices within the plan. We meet with you and plan participants regularly to provide education, increase participation, and review plan results.

*Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss